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The Academy at Saints Tabernacle Day School

Saints Tabernacle Day Schoo/ (Academy) opened in the Fall of 1999. Its philosophy is to guide students to perform at their optimum level. The school is founded on the belief of a holistic approach in developing the student's mind, body and spirit. The Academy's purpose is to teach and train the students academically and scripturally through promoting academic achievement, emotional stability, physical fitness, social awareness, cultural diversity and spirituality.



Our Philosophy

We understand that your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests and learning styles.  Our goal is to truly know your child well and use this knowledge to guide, support  and motivate him or her.  We believe that good teaching requires continual professional development, personal reflection and collaboration.  We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us to give your child the most powerful and joyous learning experience possible.



Education is a partnership between home and school.  We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us. In order for this partnership to be effective, we need to be able to communicate with our parents and/caregivers.


Please feel free to call, write a note, or e-mail us if you have concerns or questions about your child’s education.  We are always available to schedule a conference to discuss any issue or concern you have regarding your child.



We want to make sure you are informed of upcoming events and what your child is learning in school. 


Behavior Expectations

We have high expectations for the students in our school.  We expect students to excel academically.  We expect students to conduct themselves in a positive manner daily.  Examples of these expectations are:


  • Show respect to others.

  • Make good decisions.

  • Solve problems in a manner that is not disruptive and/or inappropriate.


You will receive information about your child’s behavior when necessary.



Saints Tabernacle Day School is currently enrolling students from grades Kindergarten to Fifth. 


Class Sizes

Our commitment is to maintain small classrooms which support:


  • Individual attention and interaction with the teacher.

  • Increased flexibility to use diverse instructional approaches.

  • Increase in student participation and involvement.

  • More time for teachers to cover additional material and use more supplementary texts and enrichment activities.


School Start and End Times

School begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3 pm.


Professional Staff

Saints Tabernacle Day School has approximately eighteen staff members, including an Administrator, office staff, regular education teachers, supplemental educational services, teacher’s aide and lunch coordinator.


Class Format

All students in Saints Tabernacle Day School are taught in a self-contained classroom environment learning from one primary teacher.  Please note:  Supplemental educational services are available.



In addition to individual grade-level classroom curriculum, students are exposed to special grade-level programs.


Computer Lab

All students will receive training on state-of-the-art computers, using the latest software programs, in the school’s computer lab.


Specialized Areas/Electives

Students also participate in extracurricular activities which usually meet once in a five-day cycle.


Library/Media Center

The Saints Tabernacle Day School Library offer students a variety of books to take read, as well as filtered access to the Internet and other supervised computer services.


Physical Education/Health

Each class will meet once a week in each five-day cycle for health and physical education instruction.



Other Special Services


  • Basic Skills Instruction

    • Tutoring is available for Math and Literacy.

  • Counseling Services

    • Supplemental services are provided through the Family Life Wholeness Center, Inc. and other community organizations.

  • Out-of-School Time/After-school Program

    • All students are eligible for before-and after-school care at an additional cost.

  • Speech and Language Services

    • Students with articulation or language development difficulties may be eligible for participation depending upon Title1 Funding.



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