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Educational and Development Center

"Come grow, learn & explore with us."


VISION: Our vision at Saints Tabernacle is educate our students above the standards for their age group.  We will make lasting memories that will help guide them the rest of their lives. 


MISSION: Saints Tabernacle strives to provide a worry-free experience for parents by providing a nurturing, positive, safe, structured yet fun learning environment. We will provide a family like environment for children and parents.  With your help, each child will be provided a foundation and education above the standards for lifelong learning.   


Saints Tabernacle has designed their classrooms to stimulate and guide children in the (6) major developmental levels of early childhood.

  1. Socialization

    2. Language

    3. Self-Help

    4. Cognitive

    5. Fine and Gross Motor

    6. Academics


Benefits of Enrolling With Us:​

  • State Licensed Center 

    that accepts private & Subsidized  pay 

  • Specific formulas & Infant cereal, Nutritional Meals & Snacks Provided

  • Full or Part time hours available for enrollment

  • A safe, secure & trusting environment where children can learn, grow & explore 

    (Separate & Small classrooms size)

  • Academics (Reading, Writing, Math, Science & more)

  • Arts & Crafts, Dramatic play, thinking & self help skills

  •  Field Trip

  • s & Family events 

  • Referral Incentives

  • Staff: CPR & First Aid Certified, Longevity at our center, Educated, Experienced & Caring




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Caring for your child(ren) is a responsibility we do not take lightly.  We understand the importance of positive development during the critical stages of early childhood, and desire to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.  We will provide and maintain a wholesome and stimulating environment structured to promote academic achievement, emotional stability, physical fitness, social awareness, and cultural diversity.  


Our current and ever-expanding curriculum affords flexibility essential to meeting the needs of children at various stages of development.  The curriculum is designed to develop appropriate skills for infancy to 5 years of age.  It is a progressive program, which builds on each year’s growth.  Children are paired according to their abilities as opposed to their age. Saints Tabernacle’s curriculum works through each child’s needs as we guide them to be tomorrow’s achievers​.



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